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      So, I decided to use that day to check for solutions online. I found that in most cases the program might get locked as there were no virus in that pc. So I downloaded some unlocker software and was sure that I will solve the problem easily. When they returned I was ready with all necessary softwares but they never called me. His wife said to my mom that he took the pc to his workplace to play with friends. I instantly understood that she was lying, some of their friends or relatives may be told them to do so and they can solve the problem. I dont know how will they solve as his workplace is in a village and I am sure that none of them has any such pc experience. It is around 30 miles away from the town we live. I feel frustrated and angry cause all my hours of efforts for their pc is gone nowhere. Hey also he was aware that i was gonna do it for free as i dont do business. I m thinking that i m unlucky n they are bad people. They shouldnot have told me for a day unnecessarily. I Hate them

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      Hey Deepak2J,

      Welcome to youthspace! Thanks for posting on our forum. (: I hope you don’t mind that I responded to both on your posts on this thread?

      I can hear how infuriated you’re feeling from the way you’ve been treated by your neighbours… I imagine that it might feel like they don’t value your skills, even though you worked really hard to get into and complete that computer course and then to get a job there too …? I’m also hearing that you put so much thought and time into trying to find a way to fix their pc — because you cared about them as your neighbours — and then to not have them call you back… I’m guessing it’d feel like a stab in the back. :’(

      I imagine that with so much frustration and rage building up inside, it might make it really hard to go about your day — especially if you’re having to see these neighbours often because they live so close. How have you been dealing with all of this anger? Have you been able to get support from anyone you know about how you’re feeling?

      We’re totally ‘hear’ for you to get out some of your pent-up feelings too. <3

      Take care,

      The Support Team.

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      I can’t tell anyone cause my mom has somewhat a good relationship with the lady . My dad also has a good relation with the man .
      so I don’t wanna make some conflict in their minds.
      But my mind gets angry whenever I saw them. What will I do?
      I dont have much friends as I dont like most ofthem cause they are not clean or good.
      I like the neighbour as they are good and clean and a little show-off(bad but i can manage).
      The only thing is I dont know what to do.
      Please help

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      Hi Deepak2J,

      Thanks for writing back! Sounds like you still have a lot of contempt towards your neighbours, for the way they treated you after your generous offer to help fix their pc. I get the sense that noone else knows how hurt and angry you are right now. Seems like you really value your parents and the relationships they have with your neighbours, so you don’t want to cause trouble :/ But at the same time I’m imagining that on the inside your blood is boiling at the injustice of how your help was rejected.

      I’m really glad that you took the time to talk to us about how you are feeling, cos it seems like you are pretty alone with your problems right now :(

      I’m wondering, how have you been dealing with this frustration? Does your anger ever get so strong that you think about hurting your neighbours? You mention wanting help, and not being sure what to do…what are you considering to be your options?

      Talk soon,
      the Support Team

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      Sorry, I couldn’t get back here due to my exams, college works, etc. Well, my neighbour’s pc didn’t worked. So, they called me and I had formatted their pc again and now its working fine. Everything gone well. I think now they likes me.

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      Hi again, Deepak2J.

      It sounds like everything turned out for the best with your neighbours, and that you have a good relationship with them now. It must be a relief for you to be past those feelings of worry and anger at them! It sounds like you feel it was a fair situation in the end?

      Thanks for checking in with us,
      -The Support Team

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      You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for shraing.

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