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Hi Terezi,

I can hear how quickly things can escalate within your friendships from peaceful to all-out war and how responsible you feel to stand in the middle as a peacekeeper. I get the sense that when you stand between your friends who are fighting you feel pulled in both directions and feel split right in two pieces. On top of that, it sounds like you feel compelled to determine where the truth lies and are disappointed in yourself that you can’t clearly see whose story is true and who is making theirs up. I’d imagine that all of these feelings must be crashing over you like a tidal wave, pushing you down into the ocean, preventing you from catching your breath.

It sounds as though you took a risk to share your feelings with your guy friend and that he seemed to respect your truth but that you still feel conflicted and overwhelmed despite his understanding. You’ve shared with us how hard you’ve worked on trusting your boyfriend and I’d imagine it seems discouraging to come so far in one relationship only to be thrown back to the beginning in so many others.

<3 The Support team

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