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Everything is so much better now.

I never believed the people that said that it would, but with time, things really do get better. I was talking with my aunt the other day, and she was talking to me about bullying in high school, and how she wished people could see that things often get better afterwards. High school just brought me down, and I don’t have many if any memories. One day I may regret that, but for now, I’m just so happy I’m out of there. In a few weeks I start college, and I am excited, but of course nervous for starting at a new place.
The girl I talked about last time, I’ve fallen for her, and she knows, but doesn’t like me. The difference with her though, is that we’ve stayed friends, and she hasn’t left me. I have told her as much as I can about myself, and no one knows more personal stuff about me. I can deal with her not liking me though.
I had one awful weekend pretty soon after my last post, and I wouldn’t har been able to handle it without this amazing girl in my life. My ex told me she only datede to look cool for dating an older guy, some stuff came up about my dads cancer, and the girl I used to like posted a picture of her making out with some guy, a week after hooking up with another guy at my school all over the place. It hurt because it showed I meant to her, but really none of it phased me, because I have amazing family, an incredible future, and most importantly, an amazing girl to share it with. I’m not sure what level that will always be, whether we just stay friends, try a relationship, or break away from each other with me being at a new school (but I will do everything I canto make sure we don’t drift apart.

Please everyone read this, know things get better. I never believed it, and most of you probably won’t either, but it does, and it’s a really important lesson to learn.

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