Hello DashingDaisy,

Thanks for taking the time to tell us the way that you’re “locked up” right now. I cannot imagine that it was easy to share it on here in such descriptive and poignant words.

It sounds like this locking involved putting up a thick wall between yourself and the world? You say that you just can’t express things, and I get the impression that you still feel things, but that when you’re locked up, there’s no way for those things to get to the people around you, even if they ask.

Is the locking-up out of your control, DashingDaisy? It must be hugely maddening and confusing (and even frightening?) if that’s the case — like your mind is rebelling against you, and putting up a wall, even though you might want to be able to reach out to others. It sounds like a strange and isolating experience; we are totally here to listen if you want to keep talking about how it’s affecting you.

<3 The Support Team

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