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Hi burritoboy,

Welcome to the Youthspace forums.
I’m hearing that you’ve felt a lot of difficulty in defining your personal values, especially when you are in relationships with other people. I imagine that can be kind of disorienting and maybe scary as well.
I’m hearing that this last little while has been an especially significant time for you, especially in making the tough decision to end a relationship in order to come to terms with your own thoughts and feelings. It sounds like you decided to do so after feeling like you were controlled in your past relationships, and that sounds like it was a disempowering experience.
I imagine that this can take a lot of energy, and can be exhausting. I’m hearing that it leaves you feeling crazy sometimes, like the thoughts in your head can be a bit of whirlpool, and that makes it tough to be by yourself.
I think that struggling to find our own values can be a huge learning process, and can be very challenging sometimes.
I’m glad you came on to Youthspace for support.
We are here to support you on your journey to cope with the thoughts in your head and the times to yourself.
<3 The Support Team

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