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Hey, Drowning; glad to see you reaching out to Youthspace again. We understand how there are times when posting to the forums doesn’t feel right, so no need to apologize. We are here for you when you do reach out, whether it be to our forums, chat (we can offer you a live chat between 6pm and 12 PST) or email counsellor at [email protected].

I hear how you’re struggling with both anxiety and depression and surrounded by people who don’t seem to understand the heavy emotions that you have to deal with. I imagine it would be incredibly frustrating to have your anxiety seep into your work life as it has; leading you to cut back hours and land in difficult situations with co-workers who just don’t get it! Also, in addition to not understanding it sounds to me like your co-workers bully you; which is absolutely unfair and I’m sure, terrible to deal with. You do not deserve to be bullied, Drowning and are absolutely in the right when you say it is not your fault you have anxiety attacks. Sounds to me like you fight emotional battles on the daily, so I imagine being told to just “suck it up” is very painful 🙁

I am glad to hear that you have a friend who is a support to you, as you fight through the dark place that you’re currently in. I’m wondering what you mean when you say that sometimes it gets so bad that you sleepover at your friend’s house? How bad does it get?

Sounds like the adult colouring book is a great distraction for you and I’m wondering if you can think of any other things in your life that would distract you from the obnoxious anxiety or help you care for yourself? If you want, we can provide you with links to websites of self-care ideas and distractions.

We are here for you and send you our best wishes. <3


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