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Hey Danielle,

I’m glad you posted. From what you’ve said here, you strike me as a person who is inspired by and curious about life and all it has to offer. I imagine having such wide ranging interests that it could feel paralyzing knowing which way to go. Like having a menu full of desserts you love and feeling as if you can only pick one! Sometimes when that happens, you might end up not want wanting to pick any dessert at all because it can feel as if choosing one means losing out on all the other delicious desserts. I get the sense you’d rather order a taster platter full of desserts and try out a few bites before you make up your mind.

I admire that you want to be a good, knowledgeable and dynamic person and make a difference in the world. It sounds as though right now you feel torn between pursuing a big life and something a little more ordinary. I get the sense you’re not sure what a brave and wise life might look like on a smaller scale than the famous lives of Malala Yousafzai or Maya Angelou.

Not knowing what direction your life might go in sounds like it would be a little nerve wracking especially with the stress of a time line for applying for university. It can be scary to be facing the unknown, overwhelmed with all these choices and at the same time maybe a little exhilarating too, because of all the possibilities the future holds?

We’re here for you as you continue to explore your options. Stay in touch.
<3 Youthspace

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