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Hi Sophie,

I’m so glad that you feel you can share with us here what’s really going on for you. I’m really getting a picture of just how bleak the world seems to you right now and the loneliness you’re carrying in being unable to confide in anyone else. It sounds like you’re getting a very strong message that you are somehow difficult to get along with and that no matter how hard you try to please your parents it just isn’t enough. I’d imagine it would feel horrible to receive so little appreciation for all the effort you put into your relationship with your parents.

It sounds as though you’ve fallen deep into a dark well of sorrow Sophie and that you’re desperately seeking help to pull yourself back into a place of light. I’m really getting a sense of how you punish yourself physically as a way to cope with the feelings you’re experiencing and how torn you feel about giving up these behaviours. It sounds as though there is a safety in the familiar, even when that familiar is pain. I know we’ve checked in about this before Sophie but I want to ask again whether you’re able to stay safe from suicide and whether you’re in danger of accidentally ending your life through your self-harm?

We are here to listen to you Sophie and to offer support when you need it.

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