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Hi There Notawarriorr,

Welcome to our forum. I’m really glad that you’ve found us and taken the time to share some of your story. I get the sense that you’re feeling very torn between knowing in your heart that you’re doing what you need to in order to take care of your mental health but on the other hand being scared of how others might react to this decision. I can hear that you’re not sure if your “friends” really deserve to be called friends at all and I would imagine that would feel incredibly lonely to not know if they are truly supportive or not. It does sound like you have some supportive people in your corner who want to work with you to find what is best for YOU and your mental health needs. I hope we can help to be one of those supports as you move forward in your path.

We are here to support you Notawarriorr and to listen to what you’re experiencing. We are also here every night 6-11pm PST if you want to come in for a chat.

<3 Youthspace

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